Advanced Iguana Juice Bloom


  • 1L
  • Organic
  • Produces optimal fruiting sites
  • Induces a strong flowering response, bud formation
  • Encourages a short internode length
  • A beautiful fresh aromatic bouquet that only organics can produce.

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Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Bloom

Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Bloom has the precise ratios and concentrations of ingredients necessary for truly amazing, bud-bountiful yields. Iguana Juice produces optimal fruiting sites, induces a strong flowering response, bud formation and encourages a short internode length, as well as a beautiful fresh aromatic bouquet that only organics can produce. In addition, the mixture contains fresh water liquid fish hydrolysate and yeast extract which is chock full of macronutrients, micronutrients, minerals, vitamins and the 20 L-amino acids that are the building blocks of plant growth. Furthermore, the proprietary quadrafilter manufacturing process ensures that Iguana Juice is free of all emitter-clogging particulates, giving you an organic formulation that flows easily and won’t turn to sludge in any hydroponic system. Iguana Juice is the only 100% Organic OIM 1-part base nutrient that contains all the macro, secondary, as well as micronutrients plus other co-factors necessary for optimum growth and yields.

Iguana Juice Bloom is OIM Certified. Specifically, Advanced Nutrients is at it again with this 100% organic one part liquid bloom nutrient that is fully soluble. Iguana Juice Bloom (4-3-6) has been thoroughly field tested and proven to give exceptional yields. The yields were so impressive they came very close to the competition’s legendary 2+ formula.


  • Maximizes both plant growth and blooming by providing vital plant-derived chelated micronutrients
  • Gradually delivers all the nutrients your plant needs over an extended period of time to ensure their complete availability during vegetative and flowering cycles.
  • Contains lignosulfonates to prevent aggregation of nutrients and Increase effective absorption


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