Alaska Morbloom 1QT


  • 0-10-10
  • Derived from Atlantic fish, phosphoric acid and potash
  • Stimulates exceptional budding and blooming on all flowering plants.
  • High Quality Materials
  • High Demand
  • Enhances natural flavor
  • Promotes vigorous root growth

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Alaska Morbloom 1QT

Alaska Morbloom Fertilizer is a 0 to 10 to 10 plant food made with natural-based fish. Rich in phosphorus and potassium, this unique formula stimulates budding and flowering, as well as vigorous root growth. This 0-10-10 NPK rating formula provides phosphorus and potassium to your flowering plants. Potassium promotes stronger plants, bigger blooms, and more fruits and vegetables, while phosphorus helps develop strong roots.

Use this product in your normal lawn care on all types of flowering plants for abundant colorful blooms.

Key Benefits:

  • Natural-based fish fertilizer promotes root growth and colorful flowers
  • Flower and plant food stimulates budding and blooming
  • Use on all flowering plants
  • 0-10-10 NPK rating formula provides phosphorus and potassium
  • Easy application of fertilizer will yield abundant colorful blooms

Works Best On

  • Outdoor plants
  • Flower gardens
  • Bulbs Roses
  • Vegetable and herb gardens
  • Berries
  • Indoor plants that bloom



  • Mix 1-3 Tbsp per gallon of water to encourage budding in flowers, vegetables and ornamental houseplants. Apply every three weeks during the growing season.

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