BudMud SuperBooster Top Dressing


  • 500g
  • Powered by Earth Medicine
  • Made in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • a condensed living compost
  • adds beneficial microbes that can revitalize living soil
  • 1/1/1 N/P/K ratio

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BudMud SuperBooster Top Dressing

The BudMud SuperBooster Top Dressing is a fully organic top-dressing that can perk up living soil, leading to healthy and vibrant plants. Furthermore, the SuperBooster is a condensed living compost that is rolled in flax, creating a stable compost pellet.

BudMud is a fully organic, pre-fertilized soil potting soil. Moreover, it is optimally balanced to produce healthy and vibrant flowering plants with nothing but water. In addition, this mixture is made with more than 15 fully organic ingredients including beneficial bacteria and fungi; therefore, this top dressing is nutritionally and optimally balanced for any plant.

Additionally, this premium living soil is hand-made in Canada. To reduce plastic consumption, it is sold in plant-based burlap sacks, lined with a very thin plastic bag.

The BudMud SuperBooster Top Dressing works in two important ways:

  1. It adds nutrients in an approximately 1/1/1 N/P/K ratio
  2. It adds beneficial microbes that can revitalize living soil, helping them to make nutrients more bio-available to your plants

Check out the BudMud Superpot!

Learn more at the official BudMud website!

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